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  • Nationwide Computerized Monitoring
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • UL and FM approved
  • Bonded operators

When an emergency at your home or business occurs, you can rest assured that, with Security Central's nationwide monitoring, the authorities have already been called and dispatched to the proper location.

An alarm sounds! Instantly your security system transmits an encoded digital signal to their emergency communication center. There, a sophisticated computer decodes the signal. Seconds after the activation, all crucial alarm information appears on an operator's screen for immediate verification and dispatch.

Depending on the specific capabilities of the system you have chosen, your alarm can also report the precise location of the fire or break-in for even faster, more accurate alarm response.

Their trained staff of professionals is available around the clock to give you the protection you deserve. Security Central is always only a phone call away.

What is computerized monitoring?

Thanks to great advances in modern security, your alarm is much more than an early warning detection system.  How does an alarm activation from your home or business reach their central station? A signal is transmitted either digitally via telephone lines or via a cellular signal to their computer network for decoding into the English language. All of this occurs in under 60 seconds. Their highly trained professionals take over from here.

The operator receiving the signal now has on his/her monitor the name and address of where the alarm originated as well as the type of alarm -- fire, burglar, temperature, etc. Special instructions also appear on the screen accompanied by emergency contact numbers and the persons who are to be notified of the alarm activation. Within seconds, the emergency notification number is automatically dialed. Security Central's operator has all the necessary information at his/her fingertips to relay to the dispatcher so help will be on its way to you in an instant.

With the rising concern over false alarms and the costly fines associated with them, your alarm dealer can assist you in deciding which signals should be verified before dispatch. With verification, Security Central operators contact the premise before dispatching the authorities to be certain an emergency condition actually exists. A passcode, selected by you, is required to cancel ANY alarm condition. Failure to give the correct code or no answer at the premise results in immediate dispatch. Of course, you can always call Security Central on a special 800 number provided to you by your alarm dealer to cancel dispatch, test your alarm or to obtain information regarding previous activations.

Secure Facility

Our central monitoring facility is designed to resist up to 3 hours of direct fire. Controlled access is through fire-rated steel doors.  The central station is backed by uninterruptible power systems, and redundant 45,000-watt natural gas generators.  All telephones, receivers, and support systems are dual redundant, with 100% backup available instantly, if needed.

Professional response team

Every step of the way, you can rest assured knowing your safety is in the hands of America's most professional central station with Security Central's response team.

All employees at Security Central are bonded by the state of North Carolina in addition to other states across the country. Bonding includes a complete fingerprint and criminal record search. All this information is obtained and sent to the Alarm Licensing Board where it is processed by the SBI. The licensing board then reviews the findings and must approve all applicants before anyone is allowed to begin training at their facility. Any offenses other than traffic violations prohibit employment with their company.

After potential employees have successfully passed the bonding process, they are subjected to a drug screening test. All employees are randomly tested for drugs during their employment at Security Central. An applicant is now ready to begin training.

Three decades of service

From its beginnings in 1970 Security Central has grown to serve 190,000 customers in 42 states. Their staff comprises 150 associates, who average an impressive 4 years in the security industry. Their experience and professionalism are your assurance that they take your security as seriously as you do.


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